DBG is one of China’s leading contract electronics manufacturing service (EMS)? providers for PCB assemblies and complete turnkey “box builds.”

We manufacture, assemble, test, and fulfill your contract electronic manufacturing needs, including tablet computers, smart phones, network gateways, automotive OBDs and electronics, optical fiber network terminals, advanced LED lighting modules, Bluetooth-enabled devices, notebook computers, all-in-one computers, GPS trackers, TV set-top boxes, and remote trainers for dogs.

We work with some of the world’s most quality-obsessed electronics companies: OEMs who want to leverage our EMS depth and Design for Excellence capabilities to speed their products to market.

Our pre-production and?engineering support will help you achieve extraordinarily reliable products, tailor-engineered for streamlined in-house manufacturing, assurance testing, and end-user functionality.

Capability Assets Capacity/Month
Solder Wave Through Hole
68 Lines
11 Lines
3 Billion pcs
PCBAs 50 Lines 5 Million pcs
Mobile Integrated
Test Instruments
450 Sets 5 Million pcs
Product Assembly 80 Lines 5 Million pcs


  • 10,979 skilled workers
  • 3,000,000 sq. ft. capacity
  • 25 acres at main manufacturing campus
  • US$20+ million/year upgrades to equipment and facilities
  • 5-year depreciation cycle on manufacturing equipment
  • 37 patents for our pioneering manufacturing processes

Japanese Quality Electronics with Chinese Sourcing & Labor Efficiencies

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